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Our Products and Services

What We Offer

Retail Electricity Supply


We offer a variety of contract structures, including fixed rate, variable rate, spot market-based, and hybrid options. We provide guidance on energy market trends, regulatory changes, and contracting strategies to ensure cost-effective and reliable energy procurement. We also provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales services.

Solar PV Integration


We specialize in the seamless integration of solar PV systems into your facility to help  lower electricity bills and reduce environmental footprint. We offer fixed tariff of up to 25 years with no upfront cost inclusive of comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services and technical support free of charge. 

Renewable Energy Solutions


We offer International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) to clients seeking reliable validation of their renewable energy usage. Our certificates enable you to make credible claims regarding your environmental impact and support for clean energy initiatives. Whether you are complying with renewable energy mandates, or simply striving to reduce your carbon footprint, our I-REC certificates provide transparency and credibility to your sustainability efforts.

Technical Support & Resources


Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product delivery to encompass comprehensive technical support and aftersales services. Our team of skilled engineers is ready to assist you on the following activities: